Jackett: Pompey need ruthless streak '“ just like Leicester

POMPEY have been tasked with being more ruthless in their pursuit of opening up teams.

Wednesday, 1st November 2017, 5:58 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:12 pm
Jamie Vardy, right, is mobbed by his Leicester team-mates following his goal against Everton on Sunday

Kenny Jackett feels his team are failing to carve through the opposition and make the most of the attacking quality they possess.

Jackett has voiced concern over the dearth of first-team players at Fratton Park who have the talent to beat a player one on one.

But he feels it’s a hesitancy when players do find a chink of light in opposing defences which is currently proving costly to his side.

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Pompey boss Kenny Jackett

He said: ‘You need to get through the lines.

‘Your possession needs to take people out of the game.

‘Your possession needs to put the attacking unit and the midfield unit out of the game.

‘Too many times this season we put people out of the game – and then turn back into them. We let them back into it.

Pompey boss Kenny Jackett

‘You need to be that ruthless and you need to be that attack-minded where you don’t check out, you don’t take an extra touch or extra second.

‘The quality then kicks in.’

Jackett highlighted Leicester’s exciting counter-attacking play as an example of what Pompey should look up to, as they hope to progress on the front foot.

That was witnessed in textbook fashion in their win over Everton on Sunday, with Jamie Vardy’s opener.

It was a goal which owed much to Demarai’s Gray surging run which paved the way for Riyad Mahrez to tee the ball up for the England striker.

Jackett added: ‘You look at Leicester’s goal with Demarai Gray on Sunday. It was a great goal, a great turn and run.

‘Okay, he should have done this and he should have done that, but once he gets going through the middle there’s no stopping.

‘Once he plays the ball to Mahrez, the pass wide and the ball in doesn’t give you a chance to recover.

‘Nobody’s had a chance to let you get set, get goal-side of the ball or get your bearings.

‘There’s no opportunity to get into the position you should be or pick up a man.

‘They don’t allow you to do that.

‘So as he’s running through the middle he’s got through there and got the other side.

‘That’s the nature of the Premier League and why it’s so exciting.

‘Once he’s in their half, the ball wide, the ball in and the one-touch finish was ruthless.

‘It gave none of the units from Everton the chance to get back.’