Change of course puts Wrong Direction on top

Wrong Direction
Wrong Direction
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Wrong Direction started their journey as a group of friends who wanted to have a summer full of sevens tournaments with light-hearted netball and lots of fun.

After three summers they made the tough transition into the Portsmouth League, so they could play regular competitive netball.

And because of the standard of players they had at their disposal, they were automatically entered into premier division one.

Wrong Direction had a very strong squad of 10 players to begin life in the Portsmouth competition.

They began the season as planned, too.

They won all of their games in the first half of the campaign before they stumbled on some bad luck.

Travelling commitments, pregnancies, work commitments and injuries cost Wrong Direction key players.

And they ended up finishing their debut season in mid-table.

However, after a tough finale to the campaign they were proud of their efforts.

Wrong Direction’s fate was then left uncertain – with the squad unsure whether to enter the 2015 summer season.

That was until they were presented with a great opportunity.

They had the chance to combine with Wannops, who had also been hit by bad luck and were lacking key players.

With the partnership sealed, they found themselves back on top form – with a large squad of fantastic players.

Wrong Direction began the season impressively and grew from strength to strength throughout.

They only lost one game during the summer campaign and went on to claim the title.

Captain Zoe Barnes said: ‘I’m really proud of the whole team and all we have achieved in the last couple of seasons.

‘We have grown into a team from just a social tournament side.

‘And there is no better feeling than winning the league.

‘I would like to thank all the girls in the last couple of seasons who have worked their socks off – regardless of the position they are playing or the combinations we had on court each week.

‘A true sign of the sprit we like to install among all our Wronguns.

‘We are now looking forward to continuing our success in the winter.’

The team would like to thank all the players who have helped them over the last couple of seasons.

And they are also grateful to any umpires who have stepped in to help during that time.