Experienced Dolphins are moving in right direction

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Dolphins are making their experience count as they close in on another promotion.

A consistent run of form this season has seen them on the brink of securing second spot.

The average age of the team is 44, which they are very proud of.

Their ages range from 23-58 – including captain Karen Brindley, with her two daughters Amy and Alice in the team.

The atmosphere in the ranks is certainly boosted when the sisters shout ‘mum’ on court.

There are also two members of the side who have known each other for 55 years.

Dolphins have Hannah Cooper back and enjoy Frances Moon’s long shots from the edge of the goal circle.

Recently, Sharron Hallissey moved to an attacking position and following a shortage of shooters, she has proved herself to be a reliable and consistent shooter.

Dolphins started as a team about 15 years ago after a few members playing for Dominoes decided to branch off.

They had been competing in division three for quite a few years but were relegated to division four.

Then, with the shift around between the league when all the divisions were moved up one, they found themselves back in division three again.

Captain Karen Brindley said: ‘We had a really good summer season finishing third and we found ourselves promoted to division two, where we are currently in second position.

‘Although I am the captain, we all contribute in some form to the running of it.

‘Our one and only umpire is Sharon Carter who is a brilliant defender and works very hard for the team as most umpiring duties fall on her shoulders.

‘Alice Brindley is going to train as an umpire to share the load.’

Team members who have left over the years but are worthy of a mention are Jan Wakely who retired due to injury and Anya Evans who relocated to Liverpool.

They were both defensive players who also umpired.

Janet Adams was also a stalwart member of the team who played wing attack and goal shooter – she hung up her netball shoes last year due to injury.

Karen Brindley said: ‘We don’t have a sponsor and all bought our own kit.

‘We did used to train once a week but some team members had other commitments and weren’t able to make the training sessions.

‘But we all take part in other sports/exercise classes though.’

The most senior and experienced player, Julie Collier, who holds the regular position of centre relishes her role in the side.

She said: ‘I love having the freedom of the whole court and the need to keep fit to keep up with the young gazelles in other teams.’