Handley’s Fareham impress as Cams Pink show their potential

Players' player Elinor McNaulty, centre, was in top form for Fareham Fireflies Orange
Players' player Elinor McNaulty, centre, was in top form for Fareham Fireflies Orange
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THE All-About Netball juniors started the Summer season at Cams Hill School.

The under-12s kicked it off at 6.30pm with new teams Fareham Fireflys Taupe beating Cams Pink 7-2.

Coach, for Cams Pink, Kelly Wallis said her girls were ready to play in the league, albeit still younger than the other teams.

They were first to score in the first quarter and were leading into the second.

Fareham Fireflys Taupe then pulled out all the stops and scored three goals taking the lead.

And Fareham continued their success with manager Kathy Handley inspiring some great court work, lots of movement and ultimately more goals in the third quarter.

Wallis reacted to this in the last quarter.

And her girls scored another and defended so well Taupe didn’t get another chance at the post.

Team Force thirds recorded a 13-2 victory against Fareham Fireflys Teal.

Force were strong from the start working well in the circle.

They produced some accurate passes to the shooters who in turn shot some exciting goals.

Teal are starting to gain possession more often as they progress.

Gosport Gators Green had a bye against West Hill Warriors.

In the under-14 to under-16s unlucky Gosport Gators Yellow this time also had a bye against Shooting Stars but arranged a friendly game with Fireflys.

Team Force continued the winning streak 15-3 beating sister team Team Force seconds.

Fareham Fireflys Black beat Porchester 16-0.

Returning team Fareham Fireflys Purple had a tricky game to start the season against Fareham Fireflys Orange.

Purple had a better second half but the game was cut short due to bad weather with Orange taking the win 8-4.