Jo’Kers hope more success is on the cards

Jokers will be shooting for more glory
Jokers will be shooting for more glory
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Jo’Kers will have their serious faces on when they go for glory at the Sevens and The City competition in London.

The team performed strongly there last year.

They finished second in the Party Cup and will be looking to bring home silverware again this time.

Jo’Kers have been on an upward curve in the Gosport & Fareham League as well.

Last season the team were promoted back to division one.

Captain Jo Coker has been joined by the likes of Ann Willmott, Tracey Lock, Hayley Townsend and Debbie Hartwell.

They have formed a good unit together, achieving impressive results.

Alongside them, newcomers Casey Barnes and Meghann Savage added spark.

Barnes then had to take some time out and Victoria Mould stepped in to replace her at wing-defence.

Captain Coker said: ‘Over the years, players have left and come back and the team has changed many times.

‘But in the last six or seven years we have had five core players – Ann Willmott, Tracey Lock, Hayley Townsend, Debbie Hartwell and myself.

‘A couple of years ago we got demoted to division two and used that to strengthen our team with players who have had the same outlook as the rest of us.

‘Netball is for fun and a get together but we will always try our best.

‘Last year we entered a competition in London called Sevens and The City and proudly bought home the runners-up medal from the Party Cup competition.

‘And we have entered again this year, so the pressure is on to do the same.

‘There is definitely no joking around with Jo’Kers.’

Rachel Corkett and Patricia Relf have joined the team for the division one campaign.

And although they do expect to be one of those teams that go up and down like a yo-yo, with their new recruits they are aiming for better.

Coker added: ‘Six seasons ago we changed our name to Jo’Kers.

‘As I had now been captain of this team for over 25 years we decided to use my name.

‘Before we started our summer season in 2013 we decided our kit was looking a bit aged so we ordered new kit from Kukri, which has been part sponsored by HC Tournaments, but that was easy to get as I am one of the partners.

‘It was difficult to choose a colour as we had to get something that wasn’t similar to other teams in the league.

‘There is a lot of blue out there on kit so we went for green and black.

‘We don’t train as a team as the majority of our players all play in other netball leagues.’

n There is a pre-season meeting for Portsmouth Netball Association teams on Thursday, April 9, from 7.30 at Southdowns College in room 454/5 – on the ground floor in the north west one building.

The league will enforce a five-point deduction for teams/clubs who fail to send a representative.

n There is a B award umpiring course on Sunday, June 14 in Farnborough (9.30am to 4pm).

Contact Carol Williams at for more information.