Next step taken in choosing new Pompey badge

THE PEOPLE of Pompey have had their say.

Wednesday, 15th November 2017, 5:58 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:05 am
Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin

And approaching 5,000 supporters have spoken as the process of choosing the club’s revamped badge moves a step closer.

Last night saw the deadline pass for registering views over the way forward, with the Blues aiming to be wearing the new crest at the start of next season.

With no vote expected over the final choice, those thoughts are likely to prove crucial in the direction Pompey take.

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Pompey badge design concept 3 came out on top in The News' reader poll Picture: PFC

No timescale is in place over the badge being paraded, but the next step will see a report compiled and then presented to the Heritage & Advisory Board.

It’s then for that band of 10 to decide on a final choice to recommend to the club board.

Chief executive Mark Catlin noted the overwhelming view is that the star and crescent remains moving forward.

But there has not been a clear fans’ view on the six ‘design concept’ badges unveiled last week.

Pompey badge design concept 3 came out on top in The News' reader poll Picture: PFC

Catlin said: ‘It’s great that everyone has taken the time to voice their opinions.

‘There is no general consensus on the badges we put up – or badges from other people.

‘It’s so split. The only unifying point is people want to keep the star and crescent in some way, shape or form.

‘That comes across loud and clear across the board.

‘So you revert back to trying to be creative in keeping the star and crescent, but adding something unique to give us the ability to copyright it.’

Catlin underlined nothing is yet formalised when it comes to making a final crest choice.

Elements from the six concepts can be moved from one to another, or new ideas incorporated to reflect the views gathered.

The Blues chief feels the far-reaching swathe of opinions forwarded show the process so far is very subjective.

He said: ‘We were clear to point out the designs which went out there were just ideas or concepts. Nothing is cast in stone.

‘The club have been open to fans’ input, hence the survey.

‘The input from fans is suggesting or proving that, even with six or other suggestions, there’s no clear mandate in any one direction.

‘There doesn’t appear to be an overall consensus which everyone is happy with.

‘A crest is like taste. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

‘I don’t think you’d ever get everyone to agree because people’s tastes are different. We have to accept and appreciate that.’

Pompey History Society’s Colin Farmery has been central to the process of canvassing supporter views over the badge. He will compile the report which will allow the process to move forward.

Catlin added: ‘The survey ended at midnight.

‘So the process now is Colin will be analysing the feedback which will be put into a report and handed over to the Heritage & Advisory Board – and other stakeholders.

‘The heritage board will ultimately make the final recommendation for the club board.’