Gym 01 flyweight predicts he'll bounce back to winning ways with 'stellar performance'

Elliott Hoye is confident he can bounce back to winning ways in ‘stellar’ fashion.

By Will Rooney
Friday, 6th September 2019, 9:54 am
Elliott Hoye defeated Abdel Lif on Shock N Awe 28 last year. Picture: Vernon Nash
Elliott Hoye defeated Abdel Lif on Shock N Awe 28 last year. Picture: Vernon Nash

The flyweight, who trains at Fratton’s Gym 01, returns to the cage after suffering his maiden professional defeat.

Hoye faces Aaron Laleye at Battle Arena 57 tomorrow.

The 23-year-old lost for the first time in the paid ranks to Liam Gittins in July.

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That’s prompted a change of approach in his training, though, and Hoye believes he’s reaping the dividends.

He said: ‘I hate losing but I see fighting more clearly now and understand what needs to be done.

‘I didn't leave my last fight thinking Liam was far better than me. I lost because my approach was wrong and it’s given me an opportunity to reassess my fight camp and the pace of each fight.

‘I’d rather that have happened after five wins and we feel we’ve got loads of time anyway.

‘Nothing has been too crazy in training. It’s been more fight-specific sparring so I can push the pace a bit more.

‘I feel good and levelled up a lot. I really think I’m going to dominate and I’m very excited to put on a stellar performance.’

Hoye meets Laleye for the second time in his career.

He suffered a third-round submission loss to his opponent as an amateur in 2016.

But Hoye warned Laleye he's taken his game to a whole new stratosphere since their last contest.

‘It’ll be nice to get the win back but I'm not too bothered by it,' the Brighton-born ace added.

‘I just want to show my progression rather than getting it back

‘I watched the last fight on Thursday, which was three-and-a-half years ago, my last fight before I joined Gym 01.

‘He has developed but I’m a different person. Watching that is incomparable to where I am now.

‘I’m sure Aaron has had good training but no-one trains more than me.

‘Aaron is dangerous. He’s got long arms, fast and got good cardio. If I switch off then he’s definitely capable of winning – but I don’t see that happening.

‘I won’t look for the finish, it’ll materialise through skill rather than hunting for it. That’s where I went wrong in my last fight.’