Sparring sessions with Luke Campbell and Anthony Crolla give Lucas Ballingall belief he can go 'all the way to the top'

Lucas Ballingall says he’s a world champion in the gym – and he now wants to follow suit in the ring.

Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 11:38 am
Lucas Ballingall, right, with Anthony Crolla

The Portsmouth fighter has managed to get in sparring sessions with big British names Luke Campbell and Anthony Crolla which has convinced him he can conquer the boxing world.

The next step up the ladder for the hungry 24-year-old is a shot at English lightweight champion Myron Mills.

‘I believe I have the ability to go all the way to the top,’ said Ballingall.

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‘I’m definitely world class when it comes to sparring.

‘I’ve sparred Anthony Crolla and Luke Campbell and I’ve always held my own. I’m doing it in the gym and now I want to do it in the ring.

‘To get to the top I’m going to need some luck. You need to get a few breaks and so far I haven’t had them. I’ve been a pro for six years and I still haven’t had a title fight.

‘I’m mandatory for the English title and once I get that belt, I can move on. I do believe I can go all the way, but I can’t really say I’m going to be a world champion until I start winning domestic belts.’

Ballingall could have been English champion two years ago – but Mills has swerved fighting him.

The Derby fighter has to defend against Ballingall next – or he will be stripped of the St George’s belt.

Ballingall said: ‘I don’t think he wants to fight me – or anyone else.

‘I think he wants to hang on to the title for as long as possible without fighting anyone.

‘I think he must like calling himself English champion and doesn’t want to risk losing that.

‘I’m confident I can bash him up and anyone else at that level.’

Ballingall is convinced he should go into a huge year still unbeaten.

He headed to Russia in August to fight Arslan Magomedov and was controversially beaten on points.

‘The British commentators had me winning six of the eight rounds,’ he said.

‘But the Russian judges didn’t even think it was close.

‘I suppose that’s what happens when a lad from Portsmouth goes to fight a Russian in Russia and the promoter is from Southampton!

‘There are around 12 British fighters who have been over to fight in Russia and one of them got a close points win – after scoring three knockdowns!

‘That is what you're up against over there.

‘But at least I got rounds in the bank against a strong puncher and the result might be a blessing in disguise.

‘I’ve been struggling to get people to fight me and now I’ve lost maybe they will be more keen.’

Ballingall says he’s willing to use social media to make big fights happen in 2021.

‘I’m going to have to go on Twitter and start calling people out,’ warned Ballingall.

‘That’s not really my style, but perhaps if people find out I’ve been saying they are scared to fight me on social media they will decide they want to shut me up.’