Birmingham: Horndean can cope with hectic finale

Michael Birmingham is backing his young Horndean squad to handle a hectic final couple of months of the Wessex League season.

Horndean boss Michael Birmingham. Picture: Neil Marshall (171151-43)
Horndean boss Michael Birmingham. Picture: Neil Marshall (171151-43)

The Deans still have to fit in 15 premier division matches.

Birmingham accepts many other teams are in the same situation but feels his squad are equipped to cope with the demands.

‘We have got a lot of games still to fit in,’ he said.

‘Our next game is on Tuesday but even that must be in doubt.

‘If that is called off then it will only add to the problem.

‘The season is due to finish on the April 22 which is now less than two months.

‘It is going to make big demands on the squad.

‘We won’t gripe about it, though. It is a case of just getting on with it.

‘Luckily we have got a mainly young side and they will be able to manage.

‘It will be hard and we can expect some erratic performances and results.

‘I am expecting it to be a bit hit and miss at times.

‘We know we have lost too many games already.

‘There have not been as many draws as last season but we are still in eighth place and very much punching above our weight.

‘All the teams above us in the league are paying out massive money.

‘If we can finish seventh or higher then it will be a reasonable season.’

Birmingham is happy with the way his squad continues to mature.

He believes if they can stay together they can only get stronger.

At the same time, he does not want to stifle any ambitions they have.

He would like nothing better than to see them to progress and ply their trade at a higher level. There are a number in his squad he feels are fully capable of stepping up in standard.

Three Birmingham believes have upped their game this season are Ash Howes, Danny Boyle and Miles Everett.

‘Ash Howes came to us from Blackfield & Langley late last season,’ he added.

‘He was still playing Sunday football and I told him if he knocked that on the head he could make greater progress.

‘The player did and now he is a real leader for us in the centre of midfield.

‘Danny Boyle is the OAP in the side at 32 but the best thing that has happened to him is getting older.

‘When he was younger he possibly didn’t take it seriously enough.

‘But his attitude this season has been first-class.

‘Attacking midfielder Miles Everett is in my eyes the most naturally gifted player in the league.

‘I challenged him to score 15 goals and he achieved that before Christmas.’

Horndean are due to visit AFC Portchester on Tuesday night (7.45pm).