Bone Idle Gossip: What's the Pompey game of the name?

Every good paper needs a Page 7 Fella and I appear to have been nominated to fill the vacancy for the new-look Sports Mail.

Thursday, 6th October 2016, 5:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:02 pm
Curtis Main - no relation to John Curtis / Picture by Joe Pepler

That’s where you’ll find this lot of waffle every Sunday (yes, Sunday) in the brave new world of the Mail. You have been warned.

You’ll have heard that your new-era Sports Mail contains all manner of insightful material on the current goings-on at the end of Frogmore Road.

It does, too, but not in this column, where I shall continue to deal with far more important stuff.

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To mark the Mail’s exciting new era, and the fact I now have an extra day to think about things (very dangerous) I’d like to start not with a column but a list.

Using the example of Curtis Main and John Curtis, I asked my loyal Twitter disciples to come up with names that have been both first and surnames of different Pompey players.

So far-reaching was the response that it will take me several weeks to exhaust the subject.

I will start, this week and next, with actual identically-spelt examples from Pompey’s past and present.

Then we will move on to those who didn’t quite stick to the rules or (tut tut) didn’t take the challenge seriously.

So well done first of all to the speediest responders, Johnny Moore, Alex Smith, Thomas Nicholls and Steve Wilson (not the famous one), who between them came up with: Graham Lloyd/Lloyd McGrath; Johnny Gordon/Gordon Dale; Andy Cole/Cole Kpekawa; Laurent Robert/Robert Prosinecki; Darel Russell/ Russell Perrett; Jerome Thomas/Thomas Thogersen; Eamonn Collins/Collins Mbesuma; David James/James Keene.

More pairings next week but to add to the list, email [email protected] or tweet @stevebone1


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