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PORTSMOUTH charity Phoenix Futures have announced an exciting link-up with south coast sailing organisation the Rona Sailing Project (RSP).

Drug and alcohol abusers are to be offered an innovative, new method of rehabilitation through this pioneering collaboration.

In conjunction with the Sarisbury’s RSP, Phoenix Futures, who operate a residential centre in Droxford, have organized voyages of recovery for service users.

The RSP, founded in 1960, offers sail training voyages to children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Phoenix Futures, which operates rehabilitation centres across the UK, worked with over 26,800 people last year, and it is hoped that this scheme will provide an effective outlet for those on the recovery programme.

The collaboration has already seen several members of the organisation assist with the repair of the RSP’s three boats through the winter months, while those embarking on trips will be tasked with fundraising to pay for the voyages.

Stuart Plant, learning and development advisor at Phoenix Futures, firmly believes that sail training can have a positive impact in rehabilitating drug and alcohol abusers.

He hopes the fledgling allegiance with the RSP will prove mutually beneficial.

Plant said: ‘It just adds an extra dynamic to the treatment process.

‘A lot of people think that treatment is challenging but actually it’s as much about the fun times as it is about getting through the hard times.

‘We like to think of ourselves as an innovative organisation and this just allows us to offer something different – the RSP has all the skills and qualities we need to do everything we want to do.

‘People who choose to do the week-long sailing trips have a much higher chance of success at completing treatment drug and alcohol free and that’s a fantastic outcome.

‘The fundraising aspect for us helps both raise funds for our projects but also helps show that people do come through addiction and go on to live fantastic lives.

‘It allows us to break the barriers down and that is really important. The guys who’ve been helping the project out absolutely love it, they were proud as punch to be involved.’

The partnership will see around 30 young adults from Phoenix Futures embark on week long sail training voyages.

Following a successful one-day trial earlier this week, both parties are confident of the long-term benefits of the association.

With three trips planned for this year and the possibility of more in the future, RSP director Brid Barrett has expressed her delight at the partnership.

And she is convinced the alliance can prove to be mutually beneficial.

She said: ‘We are really glad that Phoenix Futures want to make voyages with us a part of the rehabilitation process.

‘I hope this will open people’s eyes to the power of sailing in the recovery process.

‘These voyages are really valuable and an amazing experience for those who participate.’

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