Club cueists ready to battle for News crown

Nigel Ward and Emma Bonney are both in action on Sunday
Nigel Ward and Emma Bonney are both in action on Sunday
Peter Rook receives his award from John Wyatt

Boulton’s century sees him take centre stage

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BATTLE LINES have been drawn as top club players bid to become The News champion.

Many of the area’s top cueists – including the likes of Jordan Winbourne, Emma Bonney, Nigel Ward and Colin Norton – will be in action on Sunday at Village Snooker Club, Stubbington.

The draw has already been made, with the preliminary round starting from 10.30am.

Matches are best of five frames until the final which is best of seven.

Former ladies’ billiards world champion and snooker talent Bonney, of Craneswater, is one of the main contenders.

She has been given a tough start against Danny Auld, of Gosport 147, in the preliminary round.

Bonney’s partner Ward has a bye into round one but is in the same half of the draw.

Talented youngster Winbourne is likely to be one of their main rivals in the bid to secure overall glory.

Bonney said: ‘It is good Nigel and I are both entered. If I don’t do well, he might do well so it will be good either way.

‘Nigel is seriously good. He’s a brilliant, natural player.

‘We are in the same half of the draw, unfortunately.

‘It would be nice if we had been in different halves.

‘We could maybe meet in the semi-final but I wouldn’t want to face him.

‘Jordan Winbourne is also a player to watch. He plays a lot and is doing well.’

Preliminary round

1 Bob Cooper (Stubbington Hawks) v Mick Jurd (147)

2 Chris Robinson (Mayfair) v

Graham Allen (LPWMC)

3 Jon Pearson (Stubbington) v

Dave Joss (Stoke)

4 Stu Bonner (Mayfair) v

Steve Street (Stubb)

5 Paul Foster (Stoke) v Steve Davis (Mayfair)

6 Danny Auld (147) v Emma Bonney (Craneswater)

7 Paul Chivers (Pompey Royals) v Gary Polkinghorne (Mayfair)

8 Tim Barnes (147) v Terry Lloyd (Mayfair)

9 Chris Pugh (Stoke) v Nick Lever (Stubbington)


10 Roy Jones (Stoke) v

winner match 1

11 Nigel Ward (Craneswater) v Winner match 2

12 Tony Brown (Stoke) v

winner match 3

13 Sam Yip (147) v winner match 4

14 Grace Yip (147) v winner match 5

15 Iain Smith (147) v winner match 6

16 Chris Winbourne (Stubbington) v winner of match 7

17 Barry Miller (147) v winner of match 8

18 Pete Willcox (Collingwood) v winner match 9

19 Dave Randall (Stoke) v

Lee Warner (Stoke)

20 Graham Cooper (Stubbington) v Jordan Winbourne (Stubbington)

21 Graeme Burns (147) v Rob Lewis (Stubb)

22 Steve Bennett (Mayfair) v

Pete Grundy (Mayfair)

23 Sam Aitken (Mayfair) v

Colin Norton (147)

24 Chris Stone (Mayfair) v

Matt Hannam (Al’s Club)

25 Tom Dawkins (Stubbington) v Cliff Robbins (147)