Nine-year-old Owen Jenkins pockets ‘rare’ feat

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A nine-year-old from Havant has passed the landmark 30-break milestone.

Owen Jenkins compiled a personal best 37 against defending champion Dean Russell in the Wednesday Junior League at Waterlooville Sports Bar.

Competition organiser Tim Dunkley said: ‘This was a remarkable achievement. It’s not a record but it is extremely rare.

‘I know of only one nine-year-old in central southern England who has a higher break in competition.’

Jenkins also competes on the Cuestars South of England Under-21 Bronze Tour.

Meanwhile, former champion Samuel Laxton lost his first match to Russell but still won the first of the four round-robin groups and extended his lead at the top to five points.

Lennox Anderson heads division one, while Tyler Mack is top of division two.

Cuestars Gold Tour player Arron Smith knocked in the highest break of 64 in his first match against Jenkins in the Monday Junior League.

Smith, conceding a 30-point handicap, won the top group.

At the halfway stage of the season, Harry Wilson leads defending champion Zak Truscott by three points. Henry Martin was undefeated in group two.

MONDAY SNOOKER LEAGUE SEASON TWO: Week 10 group winners: Arron Smith, Henry Martin. Breaks: Arron Smith 64, 39; Harry Wilson 25; Owen Jenkins 17, 14; Zak Truscott 15, 15; Lennox Anderson 13; Jake Martin 11

WEDNESDAY SNOOKER LEAGUE SEASON FOUR: Week 14 group winners: Samuel Laxton, Thomas Sharp, Antony Terroni, Aaron Wilson. Breaks: Owen Jenkins 37(PB); Samuel Laxton 23; Thomas Sharp 22, 18, 13; Zak Truscott 20; Antony Terroni 15, 10; Henry Martin 15; Harry Wilson 14; Jayden Brookes 13(PB), 13; Tyler Mack 10(PB); Ryan Kneller 8

POOL LEAGUE SEASON ONE: Week four, group winner: Jayden Brookes, Owen Jenkins