Warash gifted trophy by Ryde Lawn

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Ryde Lawn gifted the Portsmouth & District mixed one title to Warsash.

A lack of availability, due to summer holidays, meant they had to concede the match.

The real shame of the 4-0 score was that both Avenue and Lee were denied title shots as a result.

Avenue had kept their hopes alive by turning out their big guns – club champion Ed Percival, teaming up with East of Scotland county player Katie Rowley, to crush Ryde Mead 4-0.

Percival’s clever mix of slice, kick and fast, flat serves proved all but unplayable on the responsive grass courts.

But even a 4-0 victory in their last match will leave them one rubber short of the total needed to overhaul Warsash, with Lee being in a similar position.

Avenue II ended their season on a high, winning 4-0 against Alverstoke II.

The victory wasn’t enough to save them from relegation, but they did at least manage to avoid the wooden spoon position.

An unfortunately timed rain storm spoilt what was looking like an intriguing match in mixed two.

Southsea, already doomed to relegation, took on Warsash II, who needed a win to ensure they kept their place in the division.

The first set of rubbers were both three-set thrillers and shared at 1-1, with both first pairs beating the number two pairs.

Warsash’s Roger Gray and Karen Downie edged past Harry Prythierch and Angela Stafford by 7-5, 4-6, 6-2.

While Southsea’s Ozzy Glogic and Vicky Bramble Stewart beat Richard Vaughan and Heather Oswald 5-7, 6-4, 6-3.

All was set up for an exciting set of reverse rubbers when the heavens opened, leaving Southsea’s grass courts unplayable.

The match had to be abandoned, with Warsash being declared the winners by the single game advantage they had earned at half-time.

Avenue III are now relegated despite not playing at the weekend.

Only one match was played in mixed three.

Stubbington beat Chichester to move level with Avenue IV in the race for the second promotion place, with Ventnor having already secured the championship.

While Stubbington’s Maureen Parker won to set up the victory chance, it was the first pair of Sarah and Andrew Pitkeightly who took a crucial set off the Chichester number one, thus sealing the win five sets to four.

PTA captain Debbie Berry led a determined effort, as with just two players and no chance of winning they still took on Warsash III.

Sadly, a rain storm halted the match early.

Lee III are now safe in ladies’ two as they beat stunned Warsash 3-1.

In men’s one, Seacourt beat Avenue 4-0.