Deans earn replay after appeal

Nasser Ssemuwemba is looking forward to Horndean's replay with Guildford International
Nasser Ssemuwemba is looking forward to Horndean's replay with Guildford International
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HORNDEAN have succeeded in an appeal to have the result of their National League match at Guildford International quashed.

The Deans lodged a complaint with Volleyball England immediately after their 3-2 loss in Surrey in November on grounds of poor refereeing.

They were left furious after being hit with an eight-point deduction for a mistake on a line-up sheet, having written the number one instead of eight in the starting box.

That proved crucial in their narrow defeat to Guildford.

Horndean’s case was heard by the national volleyball governing body’s competitions commission who have ruled in their favour and judged that the referees acted incorrectly. The match will be replayed by March 31.

The Volleyball England statement read: ‘The initial error was that the Horndean coach submitted a line-up sheet that contained an incorrect shirt number one at position one rather than shirt eight (and crucially shirt one was not on the team list).

‘This was compounded by the scorer (who should have checked the shirt numbers against the team list and when the players entered court) and the second referee who failed to notice this error when conducting his personal check at the start of the set.

‘The first time that this error came to light was when that player came to serve with the score at 10-8 to Guildford International.

‘With the scorer having identified the error and the second referee having confirmed it, what happened next was fundamentally wrong and a complete misinterpretation of the rules of the game by the first referee.

‘The correct decision should have been to amend the line-up sheet (or submit a correct one) and the scoresheet (the only occasion when this is allowed) and award a delay sanction to Horndean.

‘In consequence we feel that the incorrect application of the rules had a significant impact on the outcome of the game (the score going from 10-8 to 11-0 is considered very significant) and as such direct that the game be replayed with the cost met by Volleyball England.’

Horndean’s head coach, Nasser Ssemuwemba, welcomed the decision and said that justice had been done for his side.

‘We’re absolutely delighted with the decision and are looking forward to the replay,’ said Ssemuwemba.

Horndean are currently placed fifth in the Men’s South League division two table with 17 points – three behind Guildford International in fourth.

However, Horndean’s next match will be a Men’s Shield encounter against Norfolk this Saturday (January 5) at Highbury College.