Paralympic dream will be a life changer for Wiggs

Emma Wiggs
Emma Wiggs
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Emma Wiggs celebrated her Paralympic selection and insisted: It will change my life

The Portsmouth Sharks ace has been given the dream news she has been called up for the Great Britain sitting volleyball squad for this summer’s Games.

Now the 32-year-old is focusing on doing all she can to force her way into the starting six for the big event in London.

And there is even the hope Wiggs could be given the nod to lead the GB side out as skipper.

Her selection comes as reward for the endeavour and toil she has put in to her training.

Wiggs admitted the nervous wait to find out if she had made the squad took it’s toll.

But now it’s full steam ahead to get ready to take on the world’s best in the London Docklands at the end of August.

And the fact that is now a reality is set to turn Wiggs’ life upside down.

‘It’s brilliant. It’s a relief to know I’ve been selected but also hugely exciting to know I’m going to the Games,’ she said.

‘Waiting for the confirmation was a killer and to get it was a huge lift.

‘There’s no doubt it’s life changing. It’s been a complete rollercoaster.

‘It’s also reward for all the miles of travelling, the lack of sleep and the hours missing from our families.

‘My friends and family have been just incredible. I couldn’t have started on this journey without them. They have been with me, literally, every step of the way.

‘My main hope was to get into the squad of 11 for the Games. Now it’s about getting into the starting six.

‘If I have the honour of captaining, it would be an added bonus. It would be incredible to do that but my focus is on my personal performance and being the best I can be.’

The journey of the GB sitting volleyball squad has already been a meteoric one.

Wiggs explained the group are novices going in against vastly more experienced opposition on the world stage this summer.

And there has already been some awe-inspiring moments for her to get there.

Wiggs cited the likes of team-mate Martine Wright – who lost both her legs in the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005 – as inspirational to her.

She said: ‘What is remarkable is the coaching and support network.

‘We are women from different backgrounds and experiences who have gelled in an elite international side. I don’t know how we’ve done it!

‘It’s been hard graft. We all have jobs and children and have made huge sacrifices.

‘But to be on the court alongside people like Martine will be indescribable.’