Wenches Batter London outfit

Portsmouth Roller Wenches and Batter C Power. Picture: Andrew Paul Hayward
Portsmouth Roller Wenches and Batter C Power. Picture: Andrew Paul Hayward
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A powerful display proved enough for Porsmouth Roller Wenches to secure a 202-149 victory over London Rollergirls C – known as Batter C Power.

It was a bruising encounter, in keeping with the all-action nature of the competition.

Star player for Portsmouth was Lauren Sears, aka Peggy Peril, and she was thrilled with the victory at Havant Leisure Centre.

Sears said: ‘I’m still buzzing, although I’m completely covered in bruises and can’t move much.’

Fresh from a decisive victory over Brighton earlier this month, Portsmouth were prepared for a huge challenge against the London outfit.

Batter C began the contest well and took an early lead thanks to strong jamming from Digi Beater.

Punishing blocking from both sides slowed play, despite a concerted effort from Portsmouth, to leave the Wenches trailing by more than 30 points at half-time.

A re-energised Portsmouth returned to the track and Batter C’s lead started to dwindle as R.I.P. McMurphy and Peril piled on the points.

Jammer-on-jammer action saw Nina Nunchuks throw London’s Pip Bull clear out of the first bend.

But London answered back with powerful work from the Batter C pack that left Halcyon Daze bleeding from a painful mouth injury.

Portsmouth pulled away towards the end of the bout and a final dash from R.I.P consolidated the hard-fought victory for the home team.

The impressive Portsmouth side are determined to keep their good form going and add to their recent wins and unbeaten season last year.

Sears said: ‘We want to win every game.

‘A lot of people in some teams skate as individuals, but you win as a team not as an individual.

‘We are a small team but we’re more like a sisterhood.

‘We spend a lot of time out of practice together.’

Roller derby has been undergoing a revival since 2000.

It is one of the fastest growing women’s sports in the world, with more than 70 leagues in the UK alone, and is being considered for possible inclusion in the 2020 Olympic games.

Play takes place on an oval track and teams field five skaters for each two-minute jam.

One skater from each team, called the jammer, attempts to score points by passing opposing teams skaters.

The remaining skaters from each team try to slow down the opposing team’s jammer while clearing a path for their jammer through the pack.

‘Roller derby is my life. Since I’ve started skating I’ve got friends all over the UK and in other countries, too,’ added Sears.

Portsmouth Roller Wenches hold regular training sessions for prospective new skaters.

For more information or for tickets, see portsmouthrollerwenches.com