5 ways fitness gives you the feel good factor

If your mojo is hitting a slow-mo, it's worth remembering how good exercise makes you feel.

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Friday, 27th July 2018, 12:15 pm
Feel good with friends or on your own at the classes

Here are just five of the many reasons your body and soul thanks you for lacing up your trainers and getting moving.

It will make you feel happier

Bopping along to Pharrell in Zumba will certainly do it, but almost every exercise boosts your mood. Studies prove that the brain is more sensitive to the chemicals that make us happy after exercise. Those exercise-induced endorphins will give you a natural high.

Swimming is great cardio

It will help your weight loss

Calorie counting alone rarely shifts those stubborn pounds. However, combine it with exercise and you will be toning up and slimming down in no time. Exercise speeds up your metabolism – the perfect partner for your healthy eating regime.

You’ll get a better night’s sleep

The Sleep Foundation has lots of good evidence linking exercise and sleep. Moderate exercise is likely to help you fall asleep faster, sleep for longer and be more rested when you awake.

A range of different exercise machines can help tone up your whole body

It’s great for your social life

Make new friends and take away the intimidation of working out by joining an exercise class. Hitting the gym with a pal could be all the motivation you need – you’ll be less likely to make excuses and will love the catch up as much as the exercise. Try Horizon’s Free Fitness Fridays and your mate can join you for free!

You’ll have more energy

Doesn’t sound right, but it’s true – the more exercise you do, the more energy you will have. Research from multiple sources show that healthy people who exercise will see their energy levels rise within weeks. Some people with fatigue syndromes have also reported improvements.

The fun doesn’t need to stop when the exercise is done. A wee cuppa and slice of cake in the café with friends (go on, you’ve earned it) is the perfect round off to a feel-good trip to the leisure centre.

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