Alan Carr’s Work in Progress at the Kings Theatre, Southsea

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The ‘packed to the rafters’ theatre had an atmosphere like Champagne.

Bubbles sparkled to the surface as more than 1,500 devotees of Channel 4’s Chatty Man awaited his arrival.

You could tell his fans wanted the lovable bespectacled cheeky chappy comedian to have a successful show.

So, did he deliver?

Mr Carr bounced on stage warning us that tonight was one of his warm-up shows ahead of his UK Arena Tour in the autumn. So there could be good bits and bad bits.

Well, I never noticed any bad bits because we all laughed continuously.

We were treated to a cornucopia of observational humour which many of us could identify with.

Subjects included the call centre operative, self-service tills in supermarkets, doggy poop scoops, stag dos, pramacise, botox, vajazzling and nit combs.

The quickfire humour was relentless and superb, ending with a question and answer session.

Carr recently said in an interview “If it’s personal, from the heart, genuine, it comes across.”

Well, it came across in bucket loads of belly laughs as the camp comedian warmed the cockles of our hearts with his mercurial mischievous observations of his own life and others.