Andy Parsons at the Kings Theatre Review

Andy Parsons
Andy Parsons

Club Scene with Sam Cherry

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Starting with an attack on the coalition government and moving on to the banking crisis and unrest in the Middle East, Andy Parson’s material might sound a little familiar on paper.

But, in practice, it’s a refreshingly passionate take on current events that never fails to bring a smile to your face and laughter to the room.

The wry indignation of his political and religious jokes definitely got a welcome reaction and inspired a lot of support among the crowd from the early stages, cemented by a wicked bit of toilet humour at the expense of one unlucky but good-natured woman in the front rows.

Throughout, the audience was eating out of his hand, even without the forced rabble-rousing of a lot of stand-up acts (especially the ones you’ve seen on TV).

Well, apart from one unhappy chap in the top circle. Judging from his slurred shouts, he thought Parsons ‘was better on TV’. But since the live version gave us a spontaneous and hilarious attack on drunken hecklers, I have to disagree.

A great comic and a great night at the Kings for all but one slightly confused and more-than-slightly drunk person; highly recommended.