Are you ready for the first Queer Disco?

WE'RE sick of samey, judgemental and antagonistic club cultures that become sweaty holding-pens for drunk people.

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 6:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:18 pm
Theres punk, electro, pop and sequins at Queer Disco

With an increasingly touchy and eggshell-like political stepping, people seem to want to go out to ‘forget’ instead of ‘collect’ or ‘celebrate’ what we have around us.

What happened to a good old fashioned disco?

Why are places like Studio 54 becoming more of a mythology and less of a reality?

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Why did going ‘out out’ stop becoming fun?

As a collective of Portsmouth natives (Fanny Gallops, Samo White and The Fabulous Josh) we escaped Portsea Island as quick as we were able, ready to soak up culture like a sponge looking for something that Portsmouth didn’t have.

However, within a matter of years, and a few tattoos later, we found ourselves back here right in the heart of a creative and cultural pulse running through the city making us eager to create art for and inspired by the place we were so keen to escape.

We see this as our ode to Pompey, making our stamp that we’re here to celebrate and that we’re here to disco!

Indulge in the disco of everything that was once a guilty pleasure on your MP3 shuffle, displayed beautifully on our musical wheel of fortune including 70s’ disco, 80s’ electro, 90s’ pop, feminist punk and all your camp classics.

Expect interactive installation pieces, drag performances, photo booths and obviously a saxophonist!?

Our first night is tomorrow, Friday, April 14, and we open at 8pm.

We’re homed at Coastguard Studio which is only a stone’s throw away from old Joanna’s on Clarendon Road.

We’re £5 but if you can’t afford it turn out in your best sequin, give us a wink and a nudge and we’ll see what we can do.

Its creative, its bizarre, its punk, its Queer Disco.

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