Are you reserved or a Kate Moss?

Phase Eight, fleur side pleat dress, �140
Phase Eight, fleur side pleat dress, �140
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Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley Regatta, Glyndebourne and Glorious Goodwood – quintessentially English highlights of the summer known for their elegance and glamour.

Along with weddings and parties at this time of year, these events provide us with a chance to dress up and go to town.

Any social occasion requires careful dress planning so that you don’t subject yourself to the panic of ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’.

This is where your style personality is of the utmost importance. Are you classic and reserved in style, or do you like to shock and be noticed – a Kate Middleton or a Kate Moss?

It’s possible to be a mixture of various style personalities, but there is always one which we feel most at home with and this provides us with a signature look that is consistent with our individual style.

Clothes are as much a part of body language as gestures and facial expressions because they express our spirit and character to others.

A simple dress that flatters your shape and colouring, and one which is easy to adapt to the smartness of the occasion, is a good starting point. It can be dressed up and down with different accessories – a change of shoes, wrap, jacket or bag can alter the entire effect of an outfit. It will also prove much cheaper than shopping for a new ensemble every time an invitation comes your way.

Use your accessories to stay on trend or update a classic dress that has already had a few favourable outings.

When you shop, choose pieces that are adaptable and will work with existing items in your wardrobe. If an expensive dress can be worn for different occasions at different times of the year, it becomes cheaper with each outing.

Always check if the fabric creases by scrunching it before you buy – it may look good on the hanger, but could be a disaster after five minutes in a car or sitting at a table.

Lastly, is it washable or dry clean only as this should be factored into the cost.

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