Am-dram group tackle the play that broke James Corden in the US

Richard Bean's 2011 adaptation of Carlo Goldoni's commedia dell'arte comedy '“ The Servant of Two Masters '“ updated and re-named One Man, Two Guvnors, is HumDrum's summer offering at The Spring.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 9:55 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:47 pm
Darren Gilmore and the cast of HumDrums One Man, Two Guvnors in rehearsal. They are at The Spring, in Havant from June 27-30, 2018

James Corden starred in the London and Broadway shows '“ it's what gave him his foothold in The States '“ and at The Spring the part of luckless Francis Henshall will be played by HumDrum stalwart, Darren Gilmore.

'˜It's not a play for the faint-hearted,' says Darren. '˜It's got the lot '“ gangsters, murder, sex, cross-dressing, mistaken identity, chicken balls and lots of laughs. There's also a surprising amount of audience involvement'¦'

It tells the story of Francis, recently sacked from a skiffle band in Brighton in 1963. To keep body and soul together he takes on the job of minder to a London gangster, Roscoe Crabbe. The problem is, Crabbe was murdered '“ so just who is the man Francis is working for? To add to the confusion he then takes a second job and has to ensure that both his guvnors don't find out about each other.

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'˜Francis is full of good ideas, but doesn't quite have the brains to pull them off', laughs Darren. 

'˜And the comedy is broad. Very broad. If you're looking for an evening of belly-laughs, this is for you! It's a brilliant script '“ at times it's too funny. Sam Sampson, our director, is often having to call us to order for laughing too much.'

The Spring, Havant

June 27-30