Amazing aerial photos show how the face of Portsmouth city centre has changed forever

We all know Portsmouth is an amazing city. And it has also changed an awful lot of the years.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 12:29 pm
Updated Monday, 11th March 2019, 1:31 pm
Portsmouth city centre
Portsmouth city centre

From new homes to new shops, many parts of the city are unrecognisable from decades ago.We’ve had a look back through our archive to find some of our favourites shots of the city centre from over the years.

Portsmouth city centre 1992. Picture: (1090-11)
Commercial Road Portsmouth - Tricorn, Pitt Street and old RN Stadium to the left. Picture: (2554-23)

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Portsmouth Victory Stadium area 1994 Picture: (5637)
Portsmouth city centre. Picture: (2337-12)
Commercial Road Portmouth 1998.
Commercial Road Portsmouth. Picture: (0148-22)
Town Station Commercial Road Portsmouth. Picture: (2336-4)
Winston Churchill Avenue Southsea 1994. Picture: (2337-9)
US Service ground June 1992. Picture: (0148-13)
St Agatha's Church Market Way. Picture: (0191-29)
Portsmouth city centre Guildhall overview 30th May 1994. Picture: (4437-17)
Portsmouth Cathedral St Thomas - Old Portsmouth 12th June 1992. Picture: (6737-3)
Portsmouth city centre aerial. Picture: (10191-21)
Queen Street , Victoria Park and HMS Nelson. Picture: (2336-2)
Portsmouth city centre.
Portsmouth Tricorn. Picture: (0191-24)
Portsmouth city centre. Picture: (2337-10)
Cascades development 1988. Picture: (5700-180)
Portsmouth city centre. Picture: (2337-17)
Portsmouth city centre. Picture: (0191-25)