Artist Ilse Black creates 3d wall drawing for Aspex Guildhall

Visual artist Ilse Black has been commissioned to produce a large-scale wall drawing for Aspex Guildhall.

Ilse Black
Ilse Black

The Bournemouth-based artist will be creating a 3D piece entitled Cut Loose, using red and cyan ink.

Black says: ‘To look at the drawing without the 3D specs, it appears as a series of small red and cyan parallel lines, possibly with some reference to perspective. When viewed with the 3D specs, the drawing transforms into a three dimensional spatial intervention.

‘The lines appear to float off the wall, and some seem to recede from the drawing plane. This is manipulated by spacing between red and cyan lines, and by which colour is on the left and which on the right.’

Members of the public are invited to see the artist producing her artwork live on site today, Thursday October 6, and Friday, October 7.

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    Black has exhibited her work at the Threadneedle Prize, The Royal West of England: Drawn 2013 and The National Open Art Competition 2010 and 2011.