Comedian and Hollywood actor has another dig at Portsmouth

WHAT is it with Omid Djalili and Portsmouth?

What's wrong with Pompey? Omid Djalili
What's wrong with Pompey? Omid Djalili

The stand-up comedian and actor has been back taking another swipe at our great city on social media.

The Londoner took to Twitter this morning to write: ‘It’s raining, out of coffee and only email received so far is Secret Escapes offering a night in Portsmouth.’

It’s not the first time Djalili – whose films include Gladiator, Notting Hill and Pirates of the Caribbean – has taken a lighthearted dig at Portsmouth.

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    On a ferry trip into the city from the Isle of Wight last year, he compared the Spinnaker Tower to Burj Al Arab, the luxury hotel in Dubai, before tweeting: ‘Oh it’s Portsmouth. #Dubai-WithNoMoney’.