Dancers weave a stunning show from the Far East

The Embroidery Girl by the Chinese National Theatre Company
The Embroidery Girl by the Chinese National Theatre Company

The Chinese National Theatre Company makes a rare foray into the UK provinces with its production of The Embroidery Girl.

Set during the Qing Dynasty (1870-1930), ballet and Chinese folk dance are used to tell the true story of two embroidery masters Shen Shou and Yang Shou-yu.

The show vividly illustrates the threading and sewing in its choreography while the drama interweaves matchmaking, concubinage, and child marriage.

The Embroidery Girl offers an enthralling blend of classic and contemporary dance theatre with innovative storytelling and truly exceptional set design. Throughout history, China has been renowned for its amazing works in silk. The peak of this art is Suzhou embroidery, known for its beautiful patterns, subtle colours and consummate craftsmanship.

The show is filled with spectacular dancing, exotic music, and character-based drama, supported by sumptuous costumes and memorable imagery.

The principal female dancer Zhang Yashu, has become a household name in China since she came second in her country's TV hit, So You Think You Can Dance in 2014.

The Kings Theatre, Southsea

Sunday, April 1