The Dinz at The Barn, Milton REVIEW: 'A crispness and clarity missing from many bands'

According to Jodie Silsby's celebrated Portsmouth Vernacular Map, a dinlo is a simpleton or someone of limited intellect.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 1:28 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd July 2019, 12:07 pm
Portsmouth punk act The Dinz at The Barn, Milton, July 19, 2019. Picture by Paul Windsor

The collective noun I guess would therefore be 'The Dinz', a perfect name for a Portsmouth band if I ever  heard one.

After recently supporting Emptifish and Penetration, the band headlined The Barn to launch their debut album, pressed in glorious bright yellow vinyl.The merch stand was doing brisk business  especially the 'Dinlo' baseball caps.

Opening with We Are The Dinz (naturally) the band don't let up for next 45 minutes, with their brisk short, sharp statements of intent. 

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They’re led by by vocalist Mark Ballard who has discovered his inner-punk, part Lydon, part Pompey geezer, he delivers the songs with a crispness and clarity missing from many bands these days. It’s fast, it's ferocious, it's something to get you fired up on a Saturday night. 

Despite the humid drizzle outside, its a melting pot inside. ‘Take your coat off’, shouts some wag from the crowd to the impeccably dressed singer in his three-quarter length jacket, white shirt and cuff links. ‘I can’t’, came the response, presumably it would spoil the look.

In contrast, guitarist Rob Matthews has gone all Sandie Shaw, and is barefoot, apparently in protest about being told by the band what shoes to wear.

New song Turn That Noise Down shows a variant to the previous material and a nod to Pompey band S.K.A.W. from back in the day, but retains its ‘Dinzness’ and freshness.??????? 

Top Trump points of the night go to the superb Wake Up Time To Live, the only song I know of to include the word 'vicariously'. 

Clearly The Dinz are no simpletons, but exude all that is great about music: honesty, positivity and all delivered with a healthy sense of humour. Long may it continue.