Fareham Regatta proves to be a hit despite the weather

DESPITE the weather, the local community turned out in force to support the annual Fareham Creek Regatta.

By Neil Fatkin
Saturday, 15th June 2019, 5:33 pm
Updated Sunday, 16th June 2019, 3:28 pm
Fareham Creek Regatta.
Fareham Creek Regatta.

The two day event saw participants young and old take part in a series of rowing and sailing races with sea scouts from Portchester and Fareham being put into mixed teams.

Owen Lacy, 11, who took part in the Under 12’s race, said: ‘I really enjoyed the race and loved being out on the water.’

Oscar Molyneaux, 10, added: ‘We won the race and in the windy conditions it was really important to work as a team. I also enjoyed the food as the doughnuts and hotdogs were really nice.’

Fareham Creek Regatta.

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    For those not venturing onto the water there was plenty to keep people entertained with a barbeque, bar and evening performance from local band the Creek Knotts.

    The regatta was organised by Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club member, Nicolas How.

    ‘Despite the rain, everyone has had a really good time and it is particularly good to see so many youngsters here from the sea scouts,’ he explained

    Attending the event was the Mayor of Fareham, Cllr Pamela Bryant, and the Mayoress, Louise Clubley, who was taking part in the ladies gig race.

    (L-R) Sea scouts, Jason Nash, 13, Oscar Molyneaux, 10, and Owen Lacy, 11.

    Cllr Clubley said: ‘It was quite wet and windy out there but I really enjoyed the event.’

    For Cllr Bryant one of the key aspects of the regatta is its role in bringing the community together.

    ‘I like to come every year and it has once again been lovely to be part of this fantastic event. It really brings the community together with people of all ages, young and old , taking part,’ she explained.

    It is a sentiment echoed by sea scout, Josh Nash, aged 14.  

    Ken Jay and Lyndon Ellcome ready for the first men's race. Picture: Vernon Nash (150619-014)

    Josh said: ‘It was good to mix with people from other clubs. Other regattas are often more serious and can be really competitive whereas today has been great fun. The weather hasn’t spoiled it because when you are out on the water you get wet anyway. It was great to win my race and I am looking forward to getting my medal.’


    The red v orange team in the Fareham Sailing Club Ladies race. Picture: Vernon Nash (150619-013)
    Fareham Sailing Club Ladies Gig Red Team comprising Asher Gray, Clare Payne, Heather Day, Jo Curle and Lynn Anderson. Picture: Vernon Nash (150619-011)
    The Grey Under 14 team from 2nd Fareham and 3rd Portchester Scouts. Picture: Vernon Nash (150619-006)
    Fareham Creek Regatta - District Commissioner Mike McHugh (right) declares the regatta open as organiser Nicolas How looks on. Picture: Vernon Nash (150619-001)
    Fareham Creek Regatta - The starting cannon is fired. Picture: Vernon Nash (150619-002)