Genre-hopping with India Electric Company at The Ashcroft

They've been more or less constantly on the road - and will be for some time yet '“ but the gypsy-folk duo India Electric Company are pressing on with following up their stunning debut The Girl I Left Behind Me.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 24th April 2016, 7:33 am
India Electric Company
India Electric Company

‘It’s early stages,’ explains singer and guitarist Cole Stacey.

‘We’re writing a series of EPs rather than an album, each one focussing on a specific genre.

‘We’re influenced by a lot of genres, so one will be English folk, one suburbany ‘60s sound, one on the gypsy sound, and so on.

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‘There’s lots of research, lots of writing and lots of recording at the moment.

‘It’s about exploring each sub-genre we’re into. Rather than just do one song on an album, we’re trying to immerse ourselves in it.’

The pair, completed by multi-instrumentalist Joseph O’Keefe, haven’t yet got any release dates, but will be dropping new material into their sets.

‘I think that’s an interesting way to find out what works – to give them to an audience that know your material already,’ says Cole.

‘You’ve got to keep evolving and fresh and exploring and challenging yourselves, and trying to better each song. Your audience are the best people to tell you that.’

The duo have been regular touring partners of Midge Ure, often appearing as his backing band.

‘He’s been amazing. He’s been kind of a mentor, someone we can turn to for advice or ask things about the industry.

‘What’s been amazing is to go in-depth and study the arrangements of his back catalogue, because this tour is essentially a greatest hits tour - Something From Everything.

‘To sit with him and go through each of his songs, exploring the melody, and stripping them down. It’s when you start to do that, you realise what a brilliant musician he is. You learn so much by learning other people’s songs.

‘And as a guy he’s incredibly humble and he knows how to conduct himself. He’s also an excellent chef. Let’s just say I wouldn’t ever turn down one of his frittatas.’

Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham

Friday, April 29