Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster of a night

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The sharp, perceptive, touching and funny Henna Night by Amy Rosenthal is  Titchfield Festival Theatre's latest production.

Judith leaves Jack, her ex-boyfriend, a desperate message on his answerphone informing him that she has bought a packet of razor blades and some henna in order to either slash her wrists or dye her hair. What’s more, she says she might be pregnant. But it’s Ros, Jack’s new partner, who hears the message and rushes to Judith’s bedsit. An evening of emotion, combined with subtle humour ensues, revealing how easily we betray each other when we want something for ourselves.

It's directed by Titchfield’s Zia Wheeldon, who says: 'Henna Night is a play which is extremely perceptive about female relationships, illustrating that fascinating combination of intimate support and at times rivalry between women, carefully treading upon that close divide between friendship and animosity.'

Henna Night opens on Monday, until May 26 in the Saint Margarets Studio Theatre, St Margarets Lane, Titchfield.

Go to or call 01329 556156.