Henge at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea REVIEW: 'An out of this world experience'

Henge at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea on October 24, 2019. Picture by Paul Windsor
Henge at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea on October 24, 2019. Picture by Paul Windsor
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Along with Urban Voodoo Machine, psychedelic warlords Henge's gig in the Beats’n’Swing Tent at Victorious was one of the most talked about shows at this years Victorious Festival.

The band wasted no time in coming back for their own headlining show at The Wedge.

Looking like extras from a lost episode of Doctor Who, two aliens take their place behind the drums and keyboards repsectively.

The lead singer, possibly the long-lost nephew of ’60s eccentric Arthur Brown (of Fire-fame), is dressed in wonderful robes with a plasma globe on his head.

We were certainly in for an entertaining night, the likes of which the venue had never seen before. The band are on a self-styled mission of spreading the word of ‘Cosmic Dross’, whatever that is, but they soon have the audience captivated with their hypnotic mix of Giorgio Moroder disco grooves and electro- beats. So much so that the audience are all pulling all sorts of weird shapes on the dance floor with wild abandon.

Things get weirder, if that was at all possible, when they go all hip-hop on us with the resplendent Get Outta of My House, followed by a spaghetti  western-style instrumental.

Set closer, Demilitarise, an ode to spreading world peace has the whole audience singing as one, and the band finish off by parading through the audience only to be mobbed for a thousand hugs and selfies.

The Wedgewood Rooms has never seen the likes of this before.

Make sure you are there next time for an out of this world experience.