It's not rocket science... or is it? Spinnaker Tower takes to the skies in Portsmouth band's new music video

Simon Kent and Jo Womar from Magnetic Skies. Picture: Cannonball PR
Simon Kent and Jo Womar from Magnetic Skies. Picture: Cannonball PR
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BLASTING off into the sky, the city’s Spinnaker Tower has reached new heights in a music video.

Electro duo Magnetic Skies formed by Simon Kent and Jo Womar, from Portsmouth, have used one of the songs on their upcoming EP Hold On to channel some rocket science to the Spinnaker Tower.

In the music video for Refugee, Simon is seen as an astronaut taking off from the Spinnaker Tower.

The track was written by him before Magnetic Skies was formed, and is an uptempo synth rock track dealing with the nature of reality and the suffocation of anxiety and panic.

In the music video, Simon is waved off by shoppers in Gunwharf Quays, as well as saluting sailors at Portsmouth Naval Base and even the Queen, as he pilots the 560ft tower.

Also featuring on the EP is the band’s latest single, Hold On, as well as The Earth Is Mine &ndash an atmospheric ballad lamenting the effects of climate change, and man’s destruction of the world.

Speaking about their newly-released single, Jo said: ‘We wanted to draw on the feel of some of the great pop songs from the 80s on this track, and also give it a contemporary edge.

‘There are deliberate nods to bands like The Human League and Japan, and hopefully that comes through with the synthesizers, the backing vocals and the effects we added to Simon’s voice.’

The pair say that The Earth Is Mine was also written in response to the blind eye they say is being turned by world leaders on the environment.

Simon said: ‘This is obviously a huge topic in the news now, and rightly so.

‘I wanted to add my voice to the growing opposition to the relentless destruction of the world’s environment and resources. Especially at a time when you have the leader of the most powerful nation in the world openly denying the things we can see and feel before our very eyes.’

The Hold On EP will be launched alongside Refugee on July 19.