Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind at The Old Barn, Milton REVIEW: ‘The band’s voodoo more than works its charms’

If ever there was a band that epitomised the swirling cyclone of rock and roll it is Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 1:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 1:47 pm
Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind at The Old Barn in Milton, April 13, 2019. Picture by Paul Windsor

Just two albums in to their lifespan, frontman Jones’ latest project could prove to be his most coherent distillation of the dark heart of rock so far.

Those of us who despaired when his last band, The Jim Jones Revue, imploded in 2014, should have known better. With three decades in this game under his belt, Jones is nothing if not one of music’s greatest survivors.

Boil Yer Blood was the track that introduced his new band to the world in 2015, and so this ferocious beast with its feral chants and booming guitar is first out of the blocks tonight.

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They bring us in close with a couple more tracks from their superlative 2017 debut Super Natural, including a Heavy Lounge #1, which gives Malcolm Troon’s pedal steel the chance to shine.

But the next trio of songs, all from the new album CollectiV, is a triple-whammy direct from rock’s grimy underbelly. You can practically feel the oppressive heat of the recording sessions that birthed them. Shazam, Satan’s Got His Heart Set On You, and Killer Brainz ooze evil in the best possible way.

And recent single Sex Robot is a masterclass in high-class filth.

Drummer Andy Marvell is a study in Charlie Watts-style cool throughout. In fact, the whole band pilfer from the best of rock’s back catalogue – Matt Millership’s keys add a driving Little Richard momentum to these tracks.

If there is a complaint, and it is the most minor of gripes, it is that they don’t play any of CollectiV’s more restrained numbers, but you can understand why they’d want to come out on this tour all guns blazing.

By the end of the gig, the sweat is practically dripping from the walls of the sold out Barn, and the band’s voodoo has more than worked its charms on the audience.

Come embrace the dark side – you won’t regret it.