Now Listen To Me Very Carefully at The Spring, Havant

Andy Roberts will help audiences recreate his favourite film
Andy Roberts will help audiences recreate his favourite film
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Everyone has their own favourite film. But for Andy Roberts, his obsession with The Terminator 2 led him to create the show he will perfrom at The Spring in Havant on Thursday at 8pm.

Now Listen To Me Very Carefully is a performance participation piece from Bootworks Theatre.

Accompanied by James Baker who plays a reimagined T-1000 robot, Andy will ask audiences to recreate the science fiction film, interspersed with his own stories and direction.

Andy first watched the film aged seven, and now, aged 28, he is touring the show as a form of therapy.

He says: ‘As a child I got so obsessed with the film that I needed to talk to someone, and it happened again in 2013.

‘I used it as a kind of comfort blanket. When I spoke to someone they said I needed to talk to others to lighten the load, so I made this show.

‘When we first started touring it, it was fantastic to help the audience shape the show – it tapped into this nostalgic mode where you felt like children again.’

This kind of interactive theatre is the signature of Bootworks.

‘We try and make performances that are intimate and involve the audience, but not in an embarrassing way.

‘It is very unpredictable, but the joy is that each show is different. With a willing audience, they can do 90 per cent of the show if they are really involved.’

Suitable for ages 15 and older. There will be a post-show chat on Thursday in the gallery. Tickets: £11.25-12.50, visit or call (023) 9247 2700.