Partial Facsimile try to make sense in the age of information overload at The Wedgewood Rooms

Most performers would get exasperated if they saw their audience studying their mobile phones rather than what's on stage in front of them.

Wednesday, 24th May 2017, 10:23 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:35 pm
A Country That Works for Everyone from Gaslighting by Partial Facsimile Credit: Film-maker Felix Prater

But as part of their immersive multi-media show, MEDIA OS 5.1, Brighton-based collective Partial Facsimile will be actively encouraging the crowd to use their handsets.

While the band play their blend of electronica, Krautrock and psychedelia behind a giant screen, short films made specially for the project will be shown on the screen.

Partial Facsimile founder Laila Hansen says: ‘It’s much more about the projections, the surround sound and the interaction, than the band.

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‘Partial Facsimile has been going for about four-five years and has had about 20 different musicians and visual artists drifting in and out depending on the project. We’ve done a lot of improvisation to film and playing in unusual spaces like underground air raid shelters and in forts, this is about the most conventional music we’ve done – and the most conventional venue too.

‘It’s basically a commentary on the overstimulation of digital information we all face. We’ve written a 10-track album, and each track has got a different theme. The hour and 15 minute journey takes you through the mundanity of being at work, fake news, global warming, social media and lastly infobesity - the mental and physical effects of that.’

During the show the audience will be able to access research related to the music and films using their phone’s QR code reader. ‘It is mocking the audience a little bit in the sense that you have to step out of yourself and look at your own behaviour and how we should be better at turning our phones and computers off more and being more selective in what we consume.

‘It’s somewhere between a gig, a cinematic performance and art installation.’

The films have been made by an international line-up with contributions from Chile, Hungary, Norway and more.

‘We talked with the film-makers about what the tracks were about, but we gave them a free rein how they interpreted it, some of them are completely computer generated, some are collages, or stop-frame animation, there are all kinds of approaches.’

Musical collaborator Ben Baxter adds: ‘It’s a big production and this is what we’re trying to get across to people – this isn’t just another gig on a Friday night, it’s a full-on audio-visual experience and the audience are encouraged to get involved.’


Partial Facsimile are giving away 50 free tickets for students with a valid ID aged 16 and over. To take part visit their Facebook or Twitter page and share their new video, ‘Infobesity’ on your own wall.

Tickets will be allocated, one per person, on a first come, first served basis. Please collect your ticket on the night, bring your student ID and quote your name.


The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Friday, May 26