Review: Breaking Bands at The Edge of The Wedge, Southsea

Hollowed Hour
Hollowed Hour
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Opening act Hollowed Hour may all still be at college, but they show a maturity that belies their years.

They visibly grew in confidence during their set, their grunge-hued rock demonstrating a nice way with a melody.

Aviv, of Aviv and The Eunuch Horn packs a lot of presence into her performance.

The frontwoman is one of Portsmouth’s more mercurial talents, lending her voice to several varied projects, but the one that bears her name is where she really shines.

The Bayonettes deliver their strafing indie rock with vigour.

There’s plenty of energy in their set and it left me curious to find out more.

Sadly, by the time final act of the night, The High Wire Act came on, the crowd had considerably thinned which was a real shame. They deserved better.

Led by Robert Coache, the trio wear their ’90s indie influences proudly on their sleeves. The set is packed with memorable songs and as Coache tells us, at least they went down better than the time they played to a single man who pointedly turned his chair round while they played.

This was another great night of local acts, highlighting the diversity of the scene and the talent here in Portsmouth, but it’s disappointing to see people leave without even giving the later bands a chance.