REVIEW: Joan as Police Woman, Wedgewood Rooms

Right from the off, Joan Wasser captured the audience's attention with her effortless and stunning vocal range.

Sunday, 20th November 2016, 10:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:21 am
Joan Wasser, known by her stage name Joan As Police Woman PPP-161120-224038001

Sporting a blue jumpsuit with co-songwriter Benjamin Lazar Davis for their new album Let It Be You, they and the band created an instant connection with the audience, opening with the new record’s Satelitte, the chorus of which is laden with tight falsetto harmonies.

The band moved on to the title track Let It Be You and then Hurts So Bad - where the band did a quick shift-around, and all throughout I found myself completely mesmerised by Lazar Davis’ twitchy head-shaking, as though he was trying to shake off each and every bass note that was booming out across the Wedge.

The band’s multi-instrumentalism continued with the drummer coming to the fore on keys.

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Joan was then left on stage to play We Don’t Own It from her album Real Life.

Beautiful and melancholic, it was here the audience could properly hear Wasser’s heartfelt lyrics and perfect, raw vocals.

Such was the eclectic mix of the set, the band re-joined the stage to pick up where they left off.

The raw, edgy and almost robotic crunching of the lead guitar was quite delicious to listen to, part of the band’s overall alt-pop sound.

The Magic from Wasser’s 2011 album The Deep Field received a great response before their encore.

Re-starting mainly with Wasser on guitar, the Wedge were again treated to her impeccable vocal range for the Station.

The band wrapped up the evening with another song from Real Life, The Ride, its soothing organ sound and harmonies a pleasant way to finish the set before excited fans got to meet their hero at the merch shop.