Review: Miss Julie/Black Comedy, Minerva Theatre, chichester

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A double bill of differences is on the cards for anyone who visits Chichester’s Minerva Theatre as drama and comedy combine for a startling evening’s entertainment.

Miss Julie takes Strindberg’s classic pre-Lady Chatterley look at sexual encounters and gives it a Yorkshire spin.

Shaun Evans as Jean is dashing, sophisticated and also a servant engaged to the cook. Somehow though he seduces, or is seduced by, his mistress.

Rosalie Craig plays the titular character dripping with sex appeal as she lurches from one emotion to the next.

Black Comedy could not be more different.

The Shaffer farce is set in a house with no electricity and achieves its humour by opening in complete darkness.

Paul Ready takes the lead as slapstick humour ensues. The sight gags leave the audience in fits of laughter.

Once again though Craig steals the show, relishing the difference in characters between the two plays.