REVIEW: Raging Speedhorn at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

John Loughlin, one vocalist of reunited Midlands metallers Raging Speedhorn, apologises on stage to his audience.

Friday, 22nd July 2016, 11:52 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:52 pm

He claims that his voice is not at its best tonight. Nobody is going to complain though, considering the intensity of his roar and the outrageous volume at which his band performs, it’s not as though anybody is going to understand many of the lyrics anyway.

Judging by the grin on second vocalist Frank Regan’s face, so long as they are channeling a furious racket directly into an audience’s faces, however unintelligible, this is exactly what they are aiming for.

After all, Frank’s apology is much different: ‘We might have drank a bit too much before we came on. Can’t you tell?’.

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His skipping and dancing on to the stage to the demonic and deep drone of feedback, laughing at how he cannot find his microphone, only to launch into the not especially cheery sounding The Hate Song and Half Way to Hell, suggests that this is entirely possible.

Either way, that bizarre glee mixed with deafening sludge metal only makes them appear even more maniacal.

There might not be many people here tonight, and it is a real pity, as it visibly annoyed the fans desperate to go nuts. Raging Speedhorn’s power is waiting to cause a riot.