REVIEW: The Neighbourhood at The Pyramids Centre, Southsea

The Neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood
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What happens when experimental rackets collide with audience members donning flashing rainbow platform boots, and screaming about how ‘yummy’ the singer is?

You get Californian rockers The Neighbourhood, deafeningly touring their second album, Wiped Out. Now, the killerquestion – how on Earth can they make that work?

Sometimes it does. Centerpiece title track Wiped Out is a defining place to start, beginning as a calm and electronic buzz, only to get angry. It is engulfed with wave-like white noise, rafter-rattling bass, topped with a rapidly ticking beat synced with strobe lights.

Unfortunately, this energy is short-lived as frontman Jesse Rutherford’s reclusive voice takes a seat behind the impressive noises made by everyone else. It is somewhat addressed by Rutherford himself with what may be the longest spoken sentence of the show – ‘here’s some more music’, not ‘more songs’. Rutherford is at his best when at his most hilariously loud and maniacal, leading the crowd to be the same way.

For example he flirtatiously caresses and sings to speakers during Daddy Issues, before throwing water at the crowd during Warm, clearing room to climb and shout from atop amplifiers.

Those platform boots are symbolic of tonight - just how awkward The Neighbourhood shows can be to sing and dance in.