The Rocky Horror Show, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, REVIEW: ‘There truly is no better way to spend a night’

‘Titillatingly, adolescently, naughty’ – the perfect description, from O’Brien himself, is the all round event that is The Rocky Horror Show at Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 9:54 am
The Rocky Horror Show will be at the Mayflower until April 13.
The Rocky Horror Show will be at the Mayflower until April 13.

Glitter stockings and heels: everything you expect from the bohemian cult classic.

The grand theatre was packed to the rafters and as the crowd bustled in anticipation, the curtains rose. What followed was an evening of the most colourful, sinful enjoyment there is to sample. Dr Frank’n’Furter is no easy heels to fill so credit must go to Duncan James’ gruff and sexy portrayal of this classic character. Also, special mention to Dom Joly as without his retaliation to the crowd’s good spirited heckles the night truly wouldn’t have been the same.

Cheek-hurting laughter with a saucy twist was masterfully delivered through double entendres and beautifully choreographed numbers. It all came together to produce an all round experience that leaves you warm, happy and definitely wanting another helping.

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The whole cast had as sharp a wit as their voices were powerful, along with just the right amount of audience participation it is absolutely no wonder that the final notes rang over a standing ovation and a dancing mob.

For a hearty laugh and a filthy smile, there truly is no better way to spend a night than to give yourself over to the sins of the flesh portrayed on stage.

Until Saturday.