Subhumans at The Old Barn, Milton REVIEW: 'Crackling with energy'

The Old Barn is a great venue.The bar didn’t function and it’s hard to see from the back.

Monday, 9th March 2020, 1:39 pm
Updated Monday, 9th March 2020, 1:39 pm
Subhumans at The Old Barn, Milton, on March 8, 2020. Picture: Paul Windsor

But it was crackling with energy and was so full the mice had to leave for the night.

The audience knew what they would get and the Subhumans dished it out: a band of drums, guitar, bass and vocals. From the moment they hit the stage, their skilful blend of fury, brains and a fierce sense of optimistic hopelessness was seething high-speed REAL punk.

Gigging and recording since the late ’70s Subhuman have a lot to say with their words and music.

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They know where Pandora’s Box is, they have seen its contents and are discontented with it. Subject matter crosses the world, from death, horror, human rights, animal rights and the consumer as a pawn to globalisation.

They demand direct action. Punk was not a little fashion. It isn’t a failure, It’s a spotlight shining on the multiple sicknesses of human behaviour.

The ’70s in the UK was (allegedly) a different place. Punk, with it’s attitude and artifice changed some things.

But humanity has spread like a virulent pandemic. There was change but the world is worse than 40 years ago. Subhumans understand, and their message and rallying call is their music.

The recent LP Crisis Point is as good as anything else they have done, and that’s a lot over the decades.

If you haven’t experienced Subhumans, I urge you to do so. Open your eyes and ears and stand together.

Punk won’t save us. What you believe is reality.