They may be green, but Veridian are far from naive

They formed from the ashes of two other promising bands and played their first gig barely a year ago, but Reading's Veridian are already making waves in the right places.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 4th March 2017, 6:27 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:39 am

The six-piece have had coverage with the BBC, Upset, Rock Sound, Scuzz, Punktastic and Kerrang Radio to name a few, and they’ve been compared to the likes of alt-rock stars Young Guns and Mallory Knox.

Robbie Everett, Joe Sellers, Simon Jackman, Zak Watson had been in We Caught The Castle while James Marshall Stack and Jonny Slevin had been in Borderline:FIRE.

Lead guitarist Robbie tells The Guide: ‘It’s all really going quickly.

‘As Veridian, we placed our first ever show in March last year – our launch gig was at (Reading venue) Sub 89. We got together about eight or nine months before that just jamming and trying to decide what we wanted to do, but in terms of launch it’s not even been a year.

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    ‘We’d always been mates and played together for years, it was us four boys – me, Simon, Joe and Zak had been playing together since we were 13, and then we met Jonny and Stack from their old bands.

    ‘There was no poaching, we both conveniently split at the same time – both bands had run their courses, it was good timing.’

    During that intervening year, they’ve hit the road hard and released their debut EP. And with the release of a new EP entitled #40826D on the horizon, things are heading in the right direction.

    ‘We started getting experience under our belt and we grew into our sound. After that first EP we were still finding our feet. With our new EP we’re about to release, I think we’ve found our niche and our gap in terms of our sound. It’s starting to feel really good live and the responses at gigs are improving. Everything we do, people are keen, it feels awesome.’

    Yes, about that EP title?

    ‘Catchy isn’t it?’ he laughs.

    ‘We were looking for a name for the EP and whether just to call it after the lead single, but we were thinking what is Veridian? We wanted that element of mystery, that edge. We were just throwing ideas around and asking what does veridian mean, and it is quite literally that.’

    It is the technical code for veridian on the colour spectrum

    ‘That’s science, you can’t argue with science,’ he jokes.

    And they’re already looking beyond the EP.

    ‘We’re kind of constantly writing and working out of the home studio we set up in Simon’s house – in fact we’ve been recording today, jamming and throwing new demos down.

    ‘It’s a non-stop machine that’s constantly turning.

    ‘It’s great going out on the road, and exploring and playing new places and seeing new people. It’s the best part of being in a band, so we try and do that as much as possible.’

    The Joiners, Southampton

    Sunday, March 5