Victorious waves the flag for its dragon-led parade in its new World Music Village

ï‚·A FIRE-breathing dragon is set to lead a parade through the Victorious festival site next month.

The 25ft-long dragon, from Dragon Heart Beats, which will be appearing at Victorious.
The 25ft-long dragon, from Dragon Heart Beats, which will be appearing at Victorious.

The parade will celebrate Portsmouth’s relationship with mythical creatures, such as those on the city’s coat of arms like a unicorn and a sea lion.

The company Dragon Heart Beats will be providing a 25ft-long beast for Saturday’s procession.

And Portsmouth-born artist Matt Westbrook will work with young people – including The Futurators from Aspex gallery, community groups and the general public – to design flags that will celebrate the city’s connection with weird and fantastical creatures.

These flags will create a dramatic archway entrance to this year’s inaugural World Music Village area.

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    Temporary tattoos of the designs will also be given out during the festival.

    The World Music Village has been co-curated by John Sackett of BIG Adventures and Ellie Milner of the charity Arms Around The Child.

    Ellie said: ‘Having such an artist-led initiative will, we hope, create a depth of community understanding for Portsmouth’s connections with the world and is therefore a powerful way of linking with the World Music Village’s content.

    ‘The content in our World Music Village and The People’s Lounge will explore through music, talks, poetry and world music an awareness of world culture and issues.’

    The village will include a DJ set from the Grammy-nominated Neneh Cherry, Natty, Liam Bailey and Eva Lazarus as well as The Pan Jazz International Steel Orchestra, choir and marimba ensemble, Southsea Skiffle Orchestra and Big Noise Samba Band.

    There will also be traditional Chinese dance, Latin dance, Bangali community performances, Tai Chi, spoken word, flea markets and food from around the world.

    During the festival a flag maker will also be running workshops, inviting families to make their own sea creature-based flags and join in with the parade.

    Victorious takes place on August 27 and 28 and features stars such as Noel Gallagher, The Manic Street Preachers, Mark Ronson and many more. Tickets are £35 a day. Go to