THIS WEEK IN 1984: Navy defends nums over playtime row

The navy came out in defence of its mums and children at Paulsgrove in a rumpus about playground rowdies.

Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 7:00 am

It backed angry mums’ claims their youngsters were not to blame for noise, bad language and damage at the play area near the Browning Avenue naval estate.

The dispute began when Paulsgrove county councillor John Attrill wrote to defence secretary Michael Heseltine with complaints from residents living near the play area.

Navy wives hit back at the allegation.

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Their children were not angels, they said – but many civilian youngsters used the playground and navy children were being ‘bullied’ and ‘victimised’.

Assistant director of quartering for the navy in London replied to Mr Attrill saying the Paulsgrove Naval Estate was deprived of a play area for years and money only recently became available.

‘While it is fair to observe that most people would probably object to living next door to a children’s playground, it was during the planning process that local residents would have had the opportunity to make their views known to the council,’ he wrote.