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Bonprix, emerald dress, �27.99.
Bonprix, emerald dress, �27.99.
Dame Vivienne Westwood's global empire has come under fire for saving money by hiring unpaid interns. Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire

LESLEY KEATING: You can be paid way beyond financially as an intern

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Each new season brings a brand new palate of colours for us to get excited about. The colour experts forecast the colours and the designers incorporate these into their designs, giving us a trend.

This spring sees some of the most flattering and beautiful colours that I have seen for a long time.

This season is all about creating a balance. Like everything in our lives we need exercise, diet, work and life and so on. We also need to have some colours that pop out at us and take the role of the main colour for the season. This time it’s green.

Emerald (colour of the year) offers vivid bright clarity. ‘Tender shoots’ is an exuberant attention-getter and ‘greyed jade’ is a neutral calm green that works with everything. All are beautiful colours that we will see everywhere, and could even be used in interiors and stationery.

We then have the neutrals that tie them all together, such as linen. This colour is clever, and with lots of scope it can be worn as a background/base colour to enhance bright colours or by itself as a gentle spring staple.

Another supporting colour that can also be worn on it’s own is ‘dusk blue’, as it is a wonderful background colour. We see it in neutral all the time but take it totally for granted. It’s the reassuring colour of an afternoon sky.

The light and bright colours are the stars of the show. ‘Poppy red’ is powerful and exuberant. ‘African violet’ is an exotic colour that works wonderfully on this seasons palate. Nectarine, a continuation of the past four years of orange, has a strong presence but is softer and gentler than previously. Another fruit influence is ‘lemon zest’, which is full of happiness and sunshine and a great balance with the neutrals linen and dusk blue.

The interesting and darker colour for this season is ‘Monaco blue’. It’s not as serious and solemn as navy blue as it is heightened with a green tinge, which gives it more vitality. But the lovely colour is the main attraction in the palate this season.

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