Blue is the most successful colour

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One of my busiest areas is the workplace, and I am often invited to work with organisations that want to present themselves as part of a brand.

I also work with individuals who are planning to attend an interview. Whatever the job, you should always err on the side of conservatism, even if the organisation seems informal. It will impress them that you have made the effort and that you care.

Many top designers have created cuts and styles for a formal construct that can suggest that the person wearing the suit is the right person for the role.

Look at Armani or Yves Saint Laurent for inspiration, and look at Marks and Spencers for affordability.

If you are going for a senior role try wearing blue, as it’s the most successful colour for interviews. It’s serious but not dull, and it looks smart and usually marks the wearer as slightly different (most people wear grey).

If you are tall and thin wear wider lapels, and if you are curvy or a plus size try thin lapels that point upwards.

Wear a blouse with a collar to an interview. If you have a round face wear a pointy collar and if you have a long, thin or pointy face wear a round collar. If you have an oval face then it doesn’t matter what shape.

Wear shoes in a simple court style. If you’re wearing a light navy or teal suit, wear dark brown shoes. If you’re wearing navy blue or something darker, wear black shoes. Go for a medium size bag that matches your shoe colour.

Prepare your outfit in advance, try it on days before your interview to ensure that you feel comfortable and see how it creases. It will also help focus your mind.

Your hair should be clean and tidy, and recently cut or trimmed. Long hair should be worn up or away from the face.

Avoid red nail polish or red lipstick. A muted lip colour with a little gloss will make you look healthy. Wear your nails in a shorter round shape with a clear polish.

Remove all jewellery apart from three small pieces.

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