Calling LEGO fans! Amazing new animals have arrived at Marwell Zoo

VISITORS to Marwell Zoo this summer will come face-to-face with some unique new creatures.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 12:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:45 am

The zoo has become the first in the UK to host its own collection of giant Lego brick animals.

Made using more than two million bricks, the 81 stunning creations have been spread throughout the park for visitors to find.

Sean Mannie, the zoo’s director of guest services, said staff were ‘so excited’ to host the animal models.

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He said: ‘The Lego brick trail is an interactive and engaging way of highlighting some of our really important species, as well as welcoming some wonderful new animals to the zoo.

‘To be the first UK zoo to host an interactive LEGO brick experience is a real thrill.

‘Lego is so iconic and continues to appeal to both adults and children and we are delighted to have the sculptures complementing the hundreds of animals that live in our 140-acre park.’

Among the new creatures is a 1.5-tonne elephant, a Bengal tiger and a lion with his playful cubs.

The sculptures – which represent 27 species – have been created by Bordon-based LEGO building company Bright Bricks.

About 20 builders spent hundreds of hours completing the project.

Co-owner Duncan Titmarsh said: ‘I think people will be expecting a great experience.

‘The animals are very lifelike and are in great locations around the park.’

Fellow co-owner Ed Diment added: ‘We’ve been guided by the zoo about where to put the animals, making considerations about the real animals seeing them.

‘For example you can’t put a Lego tiger next to a real one because they might start to get aggressive towards each other.’

Each sculpture features a board with information about how many builders were used, how many hours taken, and the weight and bricks used to create them.

Free spotter’s guides also give visitors the chance to guess the number of the bricks used to create the elephant to win a family tour of Bright Bricks.

Lego fans can also build their own creations in the Great Brick Building Zone.

Zoo chief executive James Cretney said: ‘We know our guests both old and young are going to absolutely love the trail.’

The interactive experience is included with general admission to the zoo until October 1.