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Marks and Spencer, Per Una bra, �19.50
Marks and Spencer, Per Una bra, �19.50
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Some of you reading this, like me, are trying to lose a few pounds.

But this may take a while and we need a slightly different approach. And perhaps our underwear could help. Most of us are in the wrong bra – get this right and we instantly look slimmer.

In your favourite bra, stand in front of the mirror and with one hand reach across and pull the strap up in the air. If it lifts more than two inches in the air then you need to adjust it. You have probably slipped into comfort rather than support.

In the same bra, pull bent arms out to the side like little wings and turn sideways. If there’s a little bit of your breast coming out, you are wearing the wrong cup size.

It’s easy to measure it yourself, although you can get someone else to do this for you. Make sure you wear an unpadded comfortable bra.

1) Using a dressmaker’s tape, measure your band size. Measure all the way round your body under your breasts. Ensure that your arms are flat against your body, and then round the measurement up to the highest number. If your measurement is an even number then add four inches, and if your measurement is an odd number add five inches.

2) Measure comfortably your bust measurement. Now bend over forwards and measure your bust whilst leaning over. Round this measurement up to the highest number.

3) Your cup size is simply calculated by subtracting the lower number from the highest number. For example, if your bust size is 32 plus 4 inches = 36 inches. If your band size is 29, then take 29 from 36 and you will get seven inches. This is your cup size so this measurement would be an F cup.

One inch is an A cup and it goes up by one inch with each size, and there are a couple of tips.

When you wear a new bra, fasten it on its loosest setting until it has been washed a few times, and all bra sizes vary with brand and style, so stick with one you like.

A well-used bra will need to be replaced after six months.

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